Wordpress has asked its bloggers to post a photo that shows what inspires them to blog. So, dear Wordpress, here
Missing the old Uni days ... and winning pool 🙂
I love that picture. The defocussed parts make it look kind of trashy, but, somehow, it also turns back time.
So, this has probably been the hardest challenge so far. Clear lines? Ugh, so not me. Geometry in my lomographs?
Lomography SuperSampler USA (c) Lomoherz
[The sign reads Welcome to California.] Yes, very foreign. But I like the themed welcome signs in the U.S. (This
I thought it was time for another double-exposure! The buildings on the left and right are of course the silhouettes,
Don't get me wrong, I love dogs - in fact, that's my dog Bob up there (he's playing, not shying
Lomography SuperSampler USA (c) Lomoherz
For some reason, during my teenage years, I always got presents that involved either rubber duckies or smiley faces, or hat vor ein paar Tagen einen Artikel von mir in der Kategorie Analogue Lifestyle veröffentlicht! (Yay 🙂 Inspiration dafür
I love adding new countries to my map of visitors! Today somebody visited me ... er ... my blog from