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Treasure Hunt

Back in my day (ages really:), when I started travelling, there weren’t many, if any, blogs around that could have provided me with useful, first-hand tips about any of my future destinations, or even influenced me on the choice of country itself.

Times have certainly changed and I recently discovered a fresh new travelling blog that gives you valuable impressions and unique highlights of various destinations with a great heartfelt flavour. I had the privilege of writing an article for them and I hope that I hit the same ‚world-sharing‘ tone they are mediating through their wonderful blog entries.Isle of wight (c) Lomoherz

So, I chose to write about the awesome year I spent in the UK and the picture you see above from the Isle of Wight is definitely part of it.

You can read the article and have a look at more pictures here. Make sure to check out all the other fantastic articles on – it’s positively worthwile!



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