Woke up late one Thursday

Woke up late one Thursday

Everybody has this friend from uni, right? This friend that somehow spent the whole six years by your side, perhaps even next door. That friend that held your hair when you got sick and that never tired of explaining law cases to you for the umpteenth time. That cooked for you and sometimes told a fib for your benefit, all the while making faces at you. I have that one friend, too. Her name is Pustefix.

They say you shouldn’t dwell on the past, but this past is worth remembering. It’s like opening a door on your Advent calendar. But instead of chocolate you’ll find small memories behind each door. Precious memories. And more often than not they had us laughing until we’d almost pee our pants.
And then, one day it all came to an end – Uni, living together, sitting in the corridor to sober up, making up new lyrics to the songs on the radio, watching Friends.

I miss my Chandler Bing, but I’m also very happy for her. It’s like missing that old pair of shoes that have gotten a little too tight around the little toes. You know you can’t wear them forever, but that’s still far away. Until one day you untie your shoelaces for the very last time. You cannot part with them just yet so you hide them in the bottom drawer, even though you know that you’ll never wear those shoes again.

So there it goes. Our early twenties, our gang, our street. With our names on that one door. Where time did not seem of the essence. Where we walked side by side (despite all my limping).

Happy Birthday buddy.

I hope that our paths will never stop crossing.
But if they ever do, make sure to be waving your pink handkerchief from across the street.

PS: Stop rolling your eyes already! 🙂 And no, I did not just compare you to an old pair of shoes. Not really. Hehe.

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