The Portrait Diaries #2: Chasing the light

Portrait Diaries 2 Licht Lomoherz

The Portrait Diaries #2: Chasing the light


It’s freezing cold outside. I think the temperatures dropped below 0. If you live further north or even in the mountains you might think that minus 2 or 3 degrees isn’t so bad. But you have to remember the sea breeze. Always those gusting winds make the outside appear colder than it really is – felt air temperature we call it.

Portrait Diaries II (c) Lomoherz


It’s the first weekend of February and almost 4 pm. We just finished up a ghost shoot that took twice as long as anticipated. I chose the wrong camera for it – it moved and rattled too much while readying it for the second, overlaying shot. The tripod didn’t make up for it on the uneven and frozen ground. I feel guilty about the goosebumps I can see on my models’ skin from 10 feet away.
My uncovered fingers feel clumsy in the cold and I already know that those ghost shots won’t equal the very first ones that I took during a past summer. The developed pictures confirm my worst fears.
Ironic how – in those summer shots – I was both the photographer and the photographed and still the ghost part turned out far better. But back then I chose a camera which is made for double exposures and the tripod remained steadfast buried 2 inches deep in the moss-covered floor of the forest.


Portrait Diaries II (c) Lomoherz


It’s 4 pm and we still have one photo shoot to go. Again outside. I’m thinking about calling the second shoot off. We’re losing the light and the thick fog is making matters worse. I meter the light with my camera app which may work as much as it may fail. You never know unless you have a real light meter. I imagine the effect the fog might have on the pictures I envision. I think about the time of day and how rare this kind of fog is and that everything is already here: the model, the cameras, the film and even some face paint. And I decide to take a shot, to chase the light.



Stay tuned for the results on film!




Alle Bilder wurden auf Rügen mit meiner Polaroid® Kamera aufgenommen. Kein Photoshop (bis auf das Titelbild), keine Filter oder sonstiges.
Einfach pure Sofortbild-Fotografie.

Models: Julia & Corinna

Kamera: Polaroid® 636 Close-up

Film: Impossible 4514 Color Sofortbildfilm für Polaroid 600 Kameras

Scan: CanoScan 9000f Mark II

Alle Bilder werden in geringer Auflösung gezeigt.

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