Here I was, staying up all night to take some surreal shots of the day that never ends. Midsummer-feeling was supposed be on here today. At least that’s what I thought until the rain set in with big black clouds covering the still blue sky. Too bad.

I went to bed and decided to put up a lomo picture that figuratively reminds me of midsummer instead. It’s another double-exposed shot, only this time I turned my camera south, after hitting the release button…

Happy first day of summer (even though it’s autumn in the picture 😉

P.S.: Still the best adaptation around, I think: Hoffman’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • lichtbildwerfer
    Posted at 21:40h, 03 September Antworten

    HEY !

    A really great shot ! HAMMERGEIL ! ! !


    Bis denne, so long – lichtbildwerfer

    • lomoherz
      Posted at 22:29h, 03 September Antworten

      (bist grad im Spam gelandet…)

  • Inge
    Posted at 00:13h, 29 September Antworten

    WOW! I love it! Very intriquing! 🙂

    • lomoherz
      Posted at 15:19h, 29 September Antworten

      Thank you so much, Inge! Everytime I’m doing double-exposures, I’m actually holding my breath, when I pick up the pictures at the photo lab 🙂

      • Inge
        Posted at 18:43h, 29 September Antworten

        I am a very amateur in photography. This is my first time to know about double-exposures. 🙂

        It’s very interesting! 🙂

      • Inge
        Posted at 18:46h, 29 September Antworten

        Is this double-exposures same with multiple-exposures? 😀

        • lomoherz
          Posted at 19:18h, 29 September Antworten

          Pretty much, yes. Which camera are you using?
          Well, your photographs don’t feel amateur-like at all! They’re quite beautiful.
          Thanks for your interest!

          • Inge
            Posted at 00:01h, 30 September

            I’m over the moon read your comment. 😀
            Thanks for your appreciation. It’s very encouraging.

            Btw thanks for your responding. I am using Nikon D3100.

          • lomoherz
            Posted at 13:51h, 30 September

            Ah! So, when you said multiple-exposures, you meant digital multiple-exposures? Well, that would be quite different then 😉 If you do double-exposures with analogue cameras, you simply shoot 2 pictures within one frame. I’m not sure, how it can be done digitally (without Photoshop that is…)

          • Inge
            Posted at 18:46h, 30 September

            Yes, that’s what I meant. 😀

            I’ve never had experiences with analog cameras and even my Nikon is my first DSLR camera ever. 😀

            Here what I found from internet about doing double-exposures with digital SLR:


          • lomoherz
            Posted at 14:03h, 03 Oktober

            Thanks yor sharing the link!
            How very interesting…and how…complicated in comparison to shooting doubles with analogue camaras 😉

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