Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

For a looong time I thought the sign on the right reads MALTA from top to bottom (for this is Valletta), but it simply doesn’t! Haha.

So I guess the rumors are true, she only sees, what she wants to see 🙂

  • sph3re
    Posted at 23:13h, 05 März Antworten

    Pretty funny! Even after reading your story, it still reads MALTA to me…

    • adinparadise
      Posted at 23:23h, 05 März Antworten


    • lomoherz
      Posted at 08:40h, 06 März Antworten

      NO!! 😀 Ah, this is too funny…so glad I’m not the only one. What a perfect trick (of the mind) 😉

  • SeniSilat
    Posted at 00:30h, 06 März Antworten

    Like this photo!

  • Allyson Mellone
    Posted at 05:39h, 06 März Antworten


  • 9step
    Posted at 10:59h, 06 März Antworten

    Tollre Pots!!!

  • arranqhenderson
    Posted at 16:17h, 06 März Antworten

    Yes, absolutely right, we do see what we want to see. Also, we „see“ what we expect to see. Your friends above describes it as a „trick of the mind“ and in a way it is. But in fact, I’ve read that actually this is not our brian tricking us exactly, but in fact exactly how reading always works. It is not a linear process at all, ever. They can track eye and pupil movement now, very precisely and very rapidly. How for example, our eye moves over the different parts of another person’s face, as we look at them speaking. (unsurprisingly we spend about 75-80% on eyes, the rest on mouth and the rest of face hardly at all) No surprises there. But when you apply the same technology to: an eye reading a piece of text, apparently our eye skips around everywhere, and back and forward,up, down, everywhere, like crazy. It tries to anticipate everything and to guess and predict, all subconsciously, and very, very quickly, far quicker than your conscious mind could ever do. It short-cuts or bypasses the conscious mind in fact. and it (the eye & the sub-conscious mind) spends the whole time trying to „guess“ half-read words. . Apparently this is the only reason we are able to read so quickly. It is not a conscious process at all. In fact, rapid, grown up speed reading isn’t even possible as a conscious process i believe.

    • lomoherz
      Posted at 16:32h, 06 März Antworten

      Thank you for this explanation, Arran! It’s very much appreciated and interesting indeed. In fact it was me who contemplated this as a “trick of the mind”, hehe, but of course you’re right. I once read a short text with jumbled letters, but I was still ‘unconsciously’ able to understand the sentences and context without any problems at all.
      So much potential we’ve got…
      Thanks for this insight!

      • arranqhenderson
        Posted at 16:39h, 06 März Antworten

        hey, that’s right. 🙂 Now you mention it, i did that experiment too once. Yes, its an interesting one, and very revealing, as you say. I apologize by the way for my insanely long post above, I got a bit excited and „warmed“ to the topic, as we say. Sorry also for writing in english too, but I have barely got a word of german, 🙁 so it was that or nothing. Your English is excellent so everything works out okay. Thanks for such a nice response. Totally forgot to say before I liked your picture and your very nice blog. Keep up the super work. -A.

        • lomoherz
          Posted at 18:19h, 06 März Antworten

          Apology not accepted 😉 This is brilliant stuff, which def. draws me!
          Hehe, we use that expression to warm to sth., i.e. sich für etw. erwärmen as well 😉 And since I started this post in English, English comments are more than welcome! My own fault, so to say 😉
          Thank you for all these compliments, I’m blushing over here! I learned your language in England and the States, but I would really like to see Ireland one day, I simply adore the dialect. In the meantime, your wonderful blog is keeping me (Irish) company!
          So long, Conny

  • Evi
    Posted at 22:51h, 06 März Antworten

    sowas passiert mir auch andauernd! 😀 super!

    • lomoherz
      Posted at 09:02h, 07 März Antworten

      Das beruhigt 😉
      Danke! …oder Grazzi! wie man in Malta sagen würde 🙂

  • janina
    Posted at 07:18h, 15 März Antworten

    A nice little vignette of the behind-the-scenes life in Malta….yes, I ‚get‘ your visual dyslexia and enjoy the humour. 🙂

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